Bill O.

Storyteller, Author

"Chick-a-delightful books sure to spark the imaginations of children."

Carl Sams, award-winning author of "Into the Woods" series"

Chickadees in December

It’s December at the North Pole, So much fun, but so much to do! So many problems! And who can solve the big, big, biggest problem of all?

"If your tot wants to open just one present BEFORE Christmas, this is it!"

Mr. K. Kringle


Only the fearless heart of a child can follow a dream into the wild . . . to a land of birdie parades and ginormous eggs, a land of mystery and majesty.  This land is our land, but not ours alone.  Welcome to Chickadeeland!

"An imaginative introduction to America the Beautiful and its national parks."

Michael Soukop, Chief Scientist National Park Service, retired.

The Chickadee Spirit

THE CHICKADEE SPIRIT takes the reader into a curious winter community – strong, kind and slightly screwy. Along the way, children are introduced to the beauties and mysteries of the natural world, and to a community where every creature is included.

Captain Robert A. Smith Captain Robert A. Smith

The inspiration behind the publication of Four a.m. December 25 is the author’s father, Captain Robert A. Smith.

Bill O. Smith