Bill O.

Storyteller, Author


"A beautiful, delightful introduction to America's natural wonders."

Michael Soukup, Chief Scientist of the National Park Service (retired)

"I love your new book. It is creative, engaging, insightful, and just beautiful."

Pastor Louis Grettenberger

"Have read it four times – the peace and joy overwhelm me."

Kim Redd, Grandmother

"It’s a winner. Love the verse, love the illustrations! And what a lovely tribute to your Dad — so touching."

Susan McBride Els, Poet

"It made me cry."

Jimmy’s Grandmother

"Delightful and thought-provoking – every reading is an experience of discovery."

Janice Barnard, Newtown, CT, librarian

"What a lovely heartfelt gift to veterans and their families. And to all of us."

Lynne Rae Perkins, Newbery Award Winner

"The illustrations are beautiful, the story is warm and lyrical. This chicka-dee-deelightful book is sure to spark the imaginations of children!"

Carl Sams, author of “In the Woods” Series

"Beautiful, and fun!…reminds me of Dr. Seuss."

Scott Hall, National Public Radio

"We love this book."

Willard Williams, Owner, Toadstool Books, the largest independent chain in New Hampshire

"Both Chickadee books take the reader back to a Norman Rockwell sweetness of life and community."

Susan Leigh Shallcross, Author